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Artist business challenges...Digital dinosaur’s vs entrepreneurs

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Intoxicated with passion, and driven by an unknown image, I begin to paint my inner voice. This skill I excel at, business, not so much. Just call me what I am, a digital dinosaur pushing that rubber tree plant instead of a San Diego-based acrylic painter.

We artists and entrepreneurs share many traits. Both are creative risk-takers with vision, but the entrepreneur excels on the business side too. Artists must embrace what entrepreneurs have practiced and refined…marketing, money, and protecting their brand.

If painting art for sale is your goal, then lean into the concept of becoming more entrepreneurial. Several possible reasons that artists fail are not identifying or marketing their work correctly. Also, not staying up-to-date with technology and utilizing its evolving power.

To identify your audience, first, you need to classify your artwork. I found it helpful to write as many adjectives that best describe my product - contemporary, impressionist, organic, and colourful acrylic painter. Now that you know how to describe your work, you can target and cultivate your market. With the greatest research tool (Google) at our fingertips, this task is easy.

Becoming proficient with digital platforms like search engines and social media is essential. Think of it as the gas to propel your website. Another tool I initially resisted, but now rely on, is a monthly calendar. I know, tiresome tasks, but with a promise of success. So if you're like me, read a lot, ask for help, and/or hire a professional. When I encounter an issue I can't resolve, I turn to Webility, Inc for assistance. But get it done, and stop pushing that digital dinosaur.

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