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Domination right from the first brush-stroke...I have three small paintings by Victoria of Oceanside Beach in the morning, noon, and night. Each only 6” square. They glow. Capturing her emotional response to the scene at three different times. Not like Monet’s Rouen Cathedral series where he painted light, Victoria painted three different feelings about the sea and sky. Even at that small size, the paint is a celebration of colour, hue, and intensity that is unexpected. She paints like a master chef. Even the smallest dish is a complex experience. And one that is original, exciting, and delicious.


What I like most about Victoria’s work is the tangible pleasure that imbues each and every painting she creates. A fresh new voice with fresh new canvases to bring joy and excitement.

Dusty Hind
Crisson and Hind Gallery
71 Front Street,

Victoria's work is truly unique...My wife and I recently purchased two of Victoria's paintings for our new home. - her approach is organic, spontaneous, and enthusiastic - complementing both traditional and contemporary environments. We have commissioned her to paint a large seascape for our foyer.

David Robinson
Art Collector

La Jolla, Ca

Her work is a breath of fresh air...My clients are interested in emerging artists to complement their interiors.



Robinson Brown Interiors

La Jolla, Ca



Great show, large opening, and well attended...What refreshing and delightful work! Her work was definitely a hit with five paintings sold. We've invited Victoria back for a solo show in November 2020.

Sibel Tuncel 


Mythos Designs & Gallery

La Jolla, Ca

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